Putting on the Bun

Rolling the shoulders and asking myself am I promoting now, or should I rehearse?

Hard to believe it’s been 21 years since I first premiered¬†O’Keeffe!.¬†It was in January, 1992 at Shafer Street Theatre at Virginia Commonwealth University. My dad, mom, and sisters were there.

I will never have my family sit on the front row when I perform ever again.

The show is very intimate–I often address the audience, and being in a black box theatre I was aware of every sniffle, laugh, side remark that my sisters made. My mother behaved herself, and my dad, well, I think when he wasn’t falling asleep he enjoyed himself. It was the last time he saw me perform as he passed away that year in September.

"O'Keeffe!" at the Lyric Theatre, Blacksburg, VA
“O’Keeffe!” at the Lyric Theatre, Blacksburg, VA

But I digress. The show later had it’s professional premiere in NYC at Primary Stages. Pretty cool. And then I toured the show for several years until I had not one, but two babies. One was easy. I took my mom along as nanny. But two, well, that was just too hard.

But now the babies are grown. One is studying to be a costume designer and the other is working on his performing chops.

So here I go. Revisiting the script is a delight. Every time I come back to it, I find nuances I hadn’t noticed before. The actor keeps discovering something the writer didn’t even knew she wrote.

And so in a few weeks I’ll put on the shoes, the bun, the starched collar and strict skirt, and become.

Re-entry is good.