Discoveries in the Land of O’Keeffe

I’ve noted this before, but everybtime I return to the script, I seem to find something new I’d never realized before. It’s like the 50 something actor discovers a new meaning the 28 year old playwright had no idea she had written.

I’m beginning to think that I wrote the play back then, for myself now. Which is weird, but cool thought. I like it, anyway.

Some new discoveries are movement based, more humor (thank God!), and quietness. Hands.

When I originally rehearsed the play years ago, I didn’t have a dog. Now we have sweet Decaf who has decided he does not like Miss O’Keeffe. Whenever I am rehearsing where he is, he looks at me and begins a low growl. It’s very funny.

Focusing lights at the Lyric for “O’Keeffe!”, Feb. 8 and 9.