The Vagina Monologues. Round 4

Current project:

Directing Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues for Women’s Studies at Radford University; show dates March 27 and 28 at 6pm, and March 30 at 2pm in the Hurlburt Auditorium (The Bonnie) at Radford University.

This is my 4th time working with a cast of vaginas that span generations, occupations, experience on stage, and are all fabulous. It’s always a creative challenge to make the production fresh, but when you have new folks to work with, the life experience and personalities they bring with them make it not as difficult as you think, and certainly not impossible.

You don’t have to go to the V-Day Organization’s website to sense the frustration of Ensler being 15 years down the road with this project and not much closer to ending rape.  However, she is not without hope for moving forward, or for appreciation of the many goals reached and victories won, sentiments she expresses in a video for this year’s organizers and activists.  She has labelled this year’s efforts One Billion Rising. Every year Eve adds a new spotlight monologue which is meant to indeed point a light on a particular area of concern. This year it is the statistic of one billion women having been raped IN THE WORLD. She has not only written a new piece, the show includes a 3 minute film titled One Billion Rising which is to be shown as part of the production and which is, I feel, an effective  punch in the gut of awareness. There is no sugary frosting on this message. Women are OVER IT. Which is another piece she has written that I have chosen to include.

I am grateful for the trust that Women’s Studies at RU has put in me to continue to work on this piece. I am grateful that over the years we have been able to raise approximately $3000 in donations to help with the good work that the Women’s Resource Center of Radford does.  I begin to ponder the ways in which this involvement has enhanced my life, made it richer, made me grow…. but I guess the most profound effect that comes to mind is that every year I have directed the show, my son and my daughter have seen it
since they were in puberty, and our conversations and awareness continue and grow as they have grown. I am grateful to see how my son is becoming a young man that is sensitive, caring, respectful, and admiring of women. I am delighted to see my daughter be someone who doesn’t take shit, is confident, not afraid to say no, and is discerning to say yes.

I am rising because we have come so far, and have still so far to go.

For tickets (free, but we recommend reservations.) Donations will be accepted at the door for The Women’s Resource Center of Radford

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