Story of “O’Keeffe!”

As a teenager, Lucinda was inspired by the fierceness and artistry of Georgia O’Keeffe. Her father, a sculptor, had given her O’Keeffe’s autobiography. Wrestling with how to face life as an artist, the work and words of O’Keeffe provided insight. It was something she couldn’t intellectualize at the time, and as she matured, she made a conscious choice to not question but honor her young self’s connection and recognition of something special.

Life took Lucinda on a journey into theatre despite her visual art inclinations. It eventually dawned on her that researching and writing a one woman play about this complex artist was a way to combine  her passions acting, writing, and art, and to pay homage to a woman who lived life and did her art on her own terms.

O’Keeffe! was developed during the time Lucinda studied acting in New York at Michael Moriarty’s Acting Studio . The play grew from a fifteen minute recital piece to a 90 minute full length under the encouragement of Michael Moriarty and her fellow students. The first reading was at Third Step Theatre, NYC. The play had its world premier in 1992 at Virginia Commonwealth University in Shafer St. Theatre, Richmond, Virginia. It premiered in NYC at the William Redfield Theatre, and had a later Off-Broadway run at Primary Stages.

Lucinda has been touring the play throughout the U.S. and internationally since 1992.

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