Page Play a Day

This year I started writing a play a day, one page in length. I start with 4 things (they can be items, ideas, concepts, whatever), a location, an event, and two characters. I did this as a creative challenge to myself. It’s been a delicious challenge. I hope you enjoy them. All are (c) 2021, Lucinda McDermott. Available for use via permission at

Page Play #1  © 2021 Lucinda McDermott                         

4 things: cornstarch, scallops, iron, cap

Event:  New Year’s Eve

Location: Neighbor’s porch

Characters: Two women who sell fish; SUSAN and TERESA

At rise: SUSAN and TERESA sit on porch steps of a house

SUSAN: I heard dude is selling.


SUSAN: [Gestures with head.] Next door.

TERESA: Oh, yeah.

SUSAN: Finally, huh?

TERESA: Yeah. New owner is going to put on siding.

SUSAN: No shit! Hopefully it will be something better than that cornstarch white.

TERESA: Don’t hope for too much.

SUSAN: I’d like to see this neighborhood transform into something brilliant, though. You know? We could maybe even have a brick & mortar store instead of selling scallops out of the back of a truck.

TERESA: Dream big.

SUSAN: I think I’m allowed to dream big on New Year’s Eve.

TERESA: I can’t argue with that.

SUSAN: What are you so damn down about? Your forehead is all wrinkled up and shit.

TERESA: I’m worried, Susan. You know how I get, end of year—looking back—realizing I didn’t meet all my goals. Worried about the business. Who sells fish during a pandemic? Hell, yes, my “brow is wrinkled.”

SUSAN: Well, just iron that worry out, Sweetie. Fact is, we ARE selling fish during a pandemic, and business may be a little down, but it’s going. I am concerned about the supply, though.

TERESA: Maybe we should go to the cape this week instead of Wilmington.

SUSAN: There’s an idea! See, you just pulled yourself up by the gaiters!

TERESA: We’re getting too old for this.

SUSAN: I know. Maybe this is the year we retire.

TERESA: Something to think about.