Page Play #4

Play #4 1/4/21            © 2021, Lucinda McDermott

4 things: green tea, irritating slow driver, obnoxious light flashing driver, decorated walking stick

Event:  Dusk of a Sunday. Sidewalk is rolling up. During Covid.

Location: Sidewalk cut in, Floyd, VA

Characters: PIPER, 30’s, a man without a home; JOELLE, any age, tourist from somewhere in Europe

At rise: A cut-in area of the sidewalk in Floyd, VA. PIPER sits on a cement bench. He wears a mask that’s dirty and frayed. His clothes are too large for his skinny frame. He holds a long walking stick that’s painted green and has ribbons tied to it with beads and other dangles attached.

ENTER; JOELLE swiftly.

JOELLE:   [Seeing PIPER] Oh! Hello! Excuse me, sir, can you tell me. . . I am looking for a shop? To buy? Sorry. I am new here. I want to buy a gift for my host. You understand?

PIPER:      [Immediately comes to life by the miracle of human interaction.]    Helloooo, yes, yes. I can help you. Welcome to Floyd [bows]. There are many stores [gesturing with his stick] in our humble, yet honorable hamlet. What is it you seek for a gift?

JOELLE:   Oh, thank you. Thank you! I, I don’t know. Are these shops still open?

[At that moment there is a flashing of head lights at them from car.]

Oh, my goodness, what. . .

PIPER:      That is the Lord of Dungarees, a blight in our burg. Pay him no heed/

OFF STAGE VOICE:  /Hey Piper! Get the hell out of town, you damn hobo! You’re scaring the tourists!

JOELLE:   Oh no, sir, he is being very helpful! Mr. Piper, perhaps there is a coffee shop? I can get my host something there? I would have arrived sooner but I was—how you say—stick behind a slow driver. Very irritating.

PIPER:      I do know of such a shop! I do not recommend the dark liquid. However, I can gift you with this—[He pulls a beautifully cloth wrapped bundle from an inner coat pocket.]. My own special blend of magnolia green tea.

JOELLE:   [Taking it gratefully.] You are very kind.

PIPER takes a deep bow.

LIGHTS quick fade to black