Page Play #7 , 1/7/21 © 2021, Lucinda McDermott

4 things: Christmas tree, riot, Beatle memorabilia, vacuum cleaner

Event:  Trump rally Jan. 6, 2021

Location: Near the U.S. Capitol

Characters: EVIE, daughter. KATHY, Mom

At rise: LIGHTS UP on a sidewalk near the U.S. Capitol, but away from the mob, maybe near the mall hidden a little in some trees. Crowd sounds in the distance. EVIE and KATHY are huddled together with their day packs. They are not dressed or in possession of any riot gear or objects.

KATHY:         You think we should go? Everyone else is but. . . I don’t know, Evie.

EVIE:              He told us to go! It was a direct order! I’m going. [Moves as if to go]

KATHY:         Don’t leave me!

EVIE:              C’mon, Mom! Everyone else is going! We are marching to the Capitol!

KATHY:         What are we going to do once we’re there?

EVIE:              We’ll wait for him to tell us what to do.

KATHY:         I don’t know. You think I wore the wrong shirt today? [Opens jacket to reveal a Beatles t-shirt.].

EVIE:              I mean, it’s a Trump rally, Mom! Come ON!

KATHY:         Wait! You know, I just remembered. . . I think I left the vacuum cleaner running. . . . . .I was cleaning up the Christmas tree needles. . . maybe I need to call your Dad. [Taking out phone]

EVIE:             You’re stalling! You’re not into this, are you? Oh, my God! You. . . You’re a traitor!

KATHY:         Sshhhh! [Looking to see if anyone heard] Evie! Look—I came to the rally with you. We saw the President. Now let’s go home. Let’s let these other people do the rest. We’re not like them! Look at their eyes, it’s like they WANT a fight! Why march to the Capitol? Then what? What happens next?

EVIE:              You’re a SNOWFLAKE! You’re ANTIFA! You’re a fucking LIBERAL!

KATHY:         No, I’m not! But Evie—

EVIE:              He is marching with us and I’m going! I’m storming the Capitol!

KATHY:         Evie, he ain’t marching with us, Honey, I saw him get into an armored car and it went the opposite direction! Honey, the President of the United States can’t march with a mob—

EVIE:              We’re not a MOB! Look. I’m going. You’re not one of us. You’re not a patriot. Go find the Black Lives Gay Chinese Disease People. You’re dead to me.


KATHY:         Evie![LIGHTS OUT].